NProfiler subscription

NProfiler is free for non-commercial use, individual developers, and small companies with up to five employees. If this does not apply to you, you can start a free 30-day trial. After your trial period, you must buy a subscription for every user.

You can cancel your subscription anytime through our customer portal. After cancellation, you can continue using NProfiler until your billing period ends.

You can manage your subscriptions through our customer portal.

Yes, you can change the number of licensed users anytime through our customer portal. If you remove users, the unused time will be added as a positive balance to your account and subtracted from future payments.

No, starting with NProfiler 5, we switched to subscription-based licensing.

If you bought a perpetual license, you can upgrade to the latest version without purchasing a subscription. Simply select the appropriate option when activating the product. At some point in the future we will remove this option, and you will have to switch to the subscription model.

You need one subscription per user. Every user can install NProfiler on an unlimited number of machines.