Hi! ­čĹő

I'm Tom, the founder and CEO of the company that created NProfiler.

NProfiler is our attempt at writing a slim, lightweight, yet full-featured .NET profiler that supports line-level profiling and offers higher measurement accuracy than competing products.

NProfiler is especially focused on profiling accuracy because it is crucial that a profiler does not mislead you with incorrect performance data. Read our article about overhead compensation if you want to know more.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Corvios GmbH is a privately-held Austrian software company. It was founded in 2009.

Corvios GmbH, Baudoplerstra├če 20,
4701 Bad Schallerbach, Austria

Thomas Zehetner-Schatzl


Commercial register number: FN324459x
Commercial register court: 4600 Wels, Austria
EU VAT number: ATU64809915

  • June 2023

    Release of the completely rewritten NProfiler 5

    NProfiler 5 has a vastly improved user interface, considerably advanced overhead compensation, and a better file format based on SQLite. It uses the latest technologies like .NET Core and cool new open-source projects.

  • September 2015

    Initial release of NProfiler 1.0

    The first version of NProfiler already had better accuracy than its competitors and could rewrite IL code to collect line-level data. It still lacked some features, such as a sampling mode, and couldn't be attached to running processes.

  • 2012

    Development started as a side project

    We became interested in profilers after we bought a commercial one. We quickly realized that the .NET profiler we purchased often provided quite misleading performance data and that most profilers suffered from this problem. Out of curiosity and purely for entertainment value, we started writing our own profiler, which later became NProfiler.